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Our in-house designers analyse your order. They separate every colour into an individual screen, clean up your artwork, and prepare your design for printing. We will send you a digital copy and ask you for approval before printing.


We ship your order right to your door. Each customer is given a tracking number. Of course, if you have any issues regarding the shipping process, we are always available for you, offering individualized attention to all our customers.

CG Fine Printing.jpg


You give us a design or maybe a concept to work on. Just send us your own designs and our team will work to bring it to reality.


Each screen gets 'inked up', and the caps are printed. With our flash-drying process, we prevent colour bleeding. Then, the product is dried on our conveyer driers to ensure the best quality possible is achieved. Of course, we minimize our environmental impact as much as possible during the whole manufacturing process.

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